Hangover Secret Supplement Go-Packs (with Electrolytes)

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Hangover Secret
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Work hard, Play hard. The Hangover Secret was created with the belief that if we work hard we should be able to play hard. The Hangover Secret helps after a night of drinking. Choose from a single pack, 6 pack set or 20 pack box!

  • HANGOVERS NO MORE: A night of partying doesn't have to lead to morning of misery. By stirring 1 packet of this mix into a cup of cold water before bed, you will not only achieve a restful night's sleep but also wake up feeling ready to take on the day
  • SUPPORTS DEHYDRATION RECOVERY: Our hangover cure is designed to replenish the minerals your body lost due to alcohol. It contains targeted electrolytes to relax, rejuvenate and hydrate the body while you sleep, so you wake up feeling refreshed
  • NATURAL, EFFECTIVE INGREDIENTS: This magic bullet of anti-hangover drinks was developed by a pharmacist and contains everything from vitamins and milk thistle to thiamine, which have been proven in clinical trials to ease post-drinking discomfort
  • HOLIDAY, MUST-HAVE: When family is in town for the holidays, staying in bed with a hangover is not an option. That's why it's a good idea to always keep these packets on hand. They make wonderful stocking stuffers, too!
Do more and enjoy better mornings after great nights with Hangover Secret’s easy to carry Go-Packs. Used by busy moms, entrepreneurs, and athletes alike to ensure you aren't blowing off the day after blowing off some steam. Hangover Secret is a pharmacist developed supplement made from from a natural blend of vitamins botanicals for optimal absorption by your body. Some of its active ingredients are Milk Thistle, Vitamine B1& N-Acetylcysteine.

Just add water and stir... or shake it if you prefer. Simply mix one packet in water. Consume before bedtime. Best absorption if taken with food.
*Consider one additional packet before going out if it will be a social night

Main Ingredients
An ancient herb which helps protect the liver from toxins while supporting its healthy function.

Refuel the body with this optimized blend which happens to contain more than your average sports drink.

Scientifically engineered for replenishment to support cognitive function as well as liver function.

Booster for antioxidants within the body to improve immunity and decrease inflammation.

A potent amino acid and antioxidant boosts glutathione in the liver to remove toxins.

How It Works

Detox the liver and alleviate the
bottleneck of acetaldehyde which
causes the major effects of
Replenish vitamin and mineral
deficiencies caused by alcohol
Rehydrate using electrolytes to
help with the dehydration that
comes with drinking.

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Hangover Secret Supplement Go-Packs (with Electrolytes)
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